When Gordana Milicic, joined PCL in 1999, virtual construction was a new concept in the industry. Twenty-five years later, as PCL Toronto’s integrated construction technology manager, she is passionately helping PCL lead the way in digitizing the construction industry.

Graduating with a civil engineering degree in former Yugoslavia, Milicic traveled to England with a plan to return back home and kickstart her career. Unfortunately, the country’s civil war changed the course of her journey.

Determined to use her civil engineering background, Milicic enrolled in Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses in London and secured a job, keeping her in England for almost a decade. She then set out for new challenges and moved to Canada, where she was given an opportunity to be a CAD operator in PCL’s Toronto office.

“At the time, people rarely knew about virtual construction and the value it could bring to our projects. Now, we have an experienced team and state-of-the-art tools that can support our project teams in delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients,” explains Milicic. “When I look back on my years in the industry, it is hard to believe how much more advanced and accessible technology has become. We certainly have put these technologies to use, and our use of them continues to expand.”

Milicic is responsible for managing, advising and implementing integrated construction technology activities for PCL’s Toronto office. She works directly with construction and estimating teams on defining integrated construction technology scope on pursuits and ensuring project teams are supported throughout construction execution.

Milicic has earned international accolades for her role in transforming integrated construction technology at PCL. She was presented with a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Hero token of appreciation by the BIM Coordinators Summit.

A BIM Hero token of appreciation is presented to BIM coordinators, BIM managers, BIM authors (designers), information managers, project managers, cost managers, asset owners or managers, who have been recognized and appreciated for their contribution to the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

“Gordana has seen it all and done it all in her field. She has a range of knowledge from site logistics to 4D scheduling and lift drawings,” describes PCL Toronto Senior Superintendent Dion Duff. “Gordana is all about the team and truly takes time to understand what is needed to make a project successful. It is an attribute she often teaches to the younger generation of construction leaders.”

Beyond her day-to-day responsibilities, Milicic prioritizes mentorship as a large aspect of her role, and she is motivated most by watching young people find their footing in the industry and succeed.

“I am very fortunate to have worked on some of PCL’s most challenging projects with some of the most experienced people in the industry,” Milicic says. “It is inspiring to watch leaders at PCL share their knowledge and see the impact they have on their teams. That is the type of mentor I have always strived to be.”

Many colleagues consider her approach to mentorship second to none. Caring, non-judgmental and attentive, Milicic focuses on creating a comfortable environment where her team feels confident to share their concerns with her.

“Gordana has the incredible ability to adapt to the needs of others and guide them in a way that works best for them,” explains PCL Toronto Integrated Construction Technology Specialist Leo Marucci. “Her patience is unmatched and she never fails to create a positive atmosphere.”

“Walking into PCL two years ago to head up the integrated construction technology and scheduling departments, it was clear to me who the team looked up to for guidance and support,” says PCL Toronto Senior Manager of Integrated Construction Technology George Ikonomakis. “Gordana, in her true nature, welcomed me and introduced me to the PCL culture. I quickly recognized how the values PCL encourages to build people, communities and legacies are evident within Gordana. They influence her skills as a mentor in technology and innovation, and how she builds a positive environment around her. Receiving a BIM Hero token is a well-deserved accolade as a pioneer in BIM and a woman in construction and technology.”     

As Milicic celebrates a quarter-century at PCL, she continues to pave the road for the next generation.

“Gordana is a passionate leader who strives to take PCL and the industry to the next level through the adoption of technology,” says PCL Toronto Vice President and District Manager Myke Badry. “She fosters strong relationships with her peers and inspires them to produce high-quality results. Congratulations Gordana on this well-deserved recognition.”

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