As the adage goes, "no risk, no reward." Marcel adapts this philosophy into his working mindset. As he sees it, virtually every risk offers an opportunity, and if you can manage and mitigate the potential obstacles of a risk, you are left with opportunities. In Marcel's eyes, the obstacles are just gaps that need to be filled to accomplish a mission successfully and deliver above our client's expectations.

Marcel is currently our aviation project champion, having worked on Edmonton International Airport and LAX. Prior to working in construction, Marcel gained valuable experience through his years of legal counsel work. Managing litigation taught him about contract law, as well as rights and obligations. This legal background is engrained in his thinking and the way he works. Marcel leverages this experience to keep in mind obligations we have as a company and has a better understanding of the contracts we negotiate.

Every manager has their own managing philosophy. To Marcel, the single most important thing a leader can do is set their employees up for success and get out of their way to let them do what they do best.

Marcel encourages his staff to be more than their title; he teaches them to act with integrity and make their word their bond. Marcel doesn’t micromanage his employees and believes that the less he stands out in his team, the more his team members can breathe and shine.