When Nathan began his PCL career, after working for the Army Corps of Engineers, he wanted to bring an identity to Hawaii’s Health, Safety and Environment strategy and redefine how the company fits into the safety field.

Nathan reached out to partners, subcontractors and even competitors throughout the Hawaiian islands to ask them what they wanted to see in their ideal safety strategy. He compiled all their thoughts and needs into a single safety strategy, and his collaborations and exchange of ideas with competitors continues today to ensure all Hawaiian workers are protected.

Nathan takes pride in everything he does, especially mentoring his fellow coworkers. He sees himself as more of a brother or a father figure to many, and always takes a moment to listen and teach them. It was from his mentor that he was taught to “mentor up and mentor down.” In other words, everyone can learn something new and develop into a better person or employee no matter their relationship to you.

Nathan’s office isn’t just where he goes to work, it’s where he gets to spend time with people he calls his work family. Any time he needs assistance, he knows he can reach out to anyone in his office in Hawaii or another PCL office throughout North America and someone will be happy to help.