As travelers adjust their habits to safely abide the challenges incurred by COVID-19, major hotel brands seek ways to accommodate the evolving needs of leisure and business guests while opening their properties to new value-creation opportunities. 

Looking for a change of scenery, many travelers skip the airport in favor of drive-to vacation locations. Changing with the times, eager travelers pack up their RVs to journey to staycation destinations on properties as far as 300-miles from their homes. Resort properties cater to these guests with investments in indulgent amenities including spacious spa facilities and outdoor features like pools and mini golf courses.

The Falls Pool Oasis at the Orlando World Center Marriott includes a main pool, slide tower, spa and kids pool and play area completed by PCL in four phases. We worked with the client to value-engineer over $1 million in cost savings without compromising quality and completed the project while minimizing disruptions to the active property. Through fast-track construction schedules and seamless project delivery, we enable our clients to quickly adapt to the needs of guests who drive the distance for a lavish resort experience. 

Today’s business travelers keep up with work on the road while following safety protocols. Whether leveraging a guestroom as a remote work environment or hosting a socially distanced group within a large meeting room or ballroom, hotel properties are critical for getting the job done. Room renovations transform simple guestrooms into hybrid work environments for professionals on the go, while properties with large square footage to key ratios lend themselves well to socially distant group meetings.

At the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, the second and third floor meeting rooms and third floor ballroom were completely renovated by PCL in less than three months. Our team worked around scheduled events and accommodated noise and work constraints so that construction activities did not interfere with hotel operations. Our construction professionals work effectively within active resort properties, renovating guestrooms and meeting spaces that allow business travelers to get to work while on the go.

Hotel properties provide ample opportunities for new value-creation. By maximizing these opportunities, hotel operators enhance their revenue potential while lowering operational costs.

While guests aim to minimize contact and remain socially distant, resort operators can create value by accommodating their food and beverage needs. Some guests may be drawn to grab-and-go, contactless transactions, while others desire table service in a spacious dining room or outdoor seating area. PCL’s experienced staff are adept at managing fast-paced restaurant renovations within resort properties. At the JW Marriott at Marco Island, we upgraded the casual main dining restaurant, fine dining restaurant, and 24,000 square-foot main kitchen in just 78 working days. In modifying resort kitchens and dining spaces, hotel operators can meet the changing food and beverage needs of guests to create value for their properties.

Energy and water efficiency are key to lowering operational costs of active hotels and resorts. Efficient lighting, low flow fixtures and renewable energy systems produce significant cost savings for owners over time. On the Aloft Hotel in downtown Orlando, PCL installed solar panels used for water heating, occupancy sensors and high-efficiency lighting while completely renovating the existing structure. Despite managing twelve major revisions to the building design, PCL turned over the parts of the facility a month early under a phased occupancy plan. The hotel’s newly installed energy efficient components add value to the property by reducing operational costs.

Accommodating the evolving needs of travelers, hotel brands are more determined than ever to renovate and upgrade existing properties to delight business and leisure guests while leveraging value-creation opportunities. As a contractor of choice for top brands throughout North America, PCL’s experienced teams enable our clients to create comfortable travel experiences for their clientele.