Carmen Hung, PCL Toronto project manager, and Dion Duff, PCL Toronto senior superintendent, have travelled different paths throughout their construction careers. However, their paths have led them to the same destination: leadership at PCL. 

A LEED-accredited project manager with a knack for driving results, Hung is a standout leader who thrives on creating genuine, personal connections with her teams and clients. This stems from her passion for architecture and construction, which she developed early on in her journey.

In high school, Hung knew she wanted to pursue a career in construction and design. Fast forward to university, where she was given an assignment to assess the condition of a building on campus. Little did she know she would be working on the renovations of that very building years later with PCL. This full-circle moment was a special experience for Hung and demonstrated the powerful outcome of turning a conceptual design into reality.

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry and over 10 of those years at PCL, Hung is known for her ability to manage client and trade relationships to ensure the success of projects. In fact, that is the secret to her leadership approach.

“Positive relationships are the difference between success and failure on any project. Inspire and be inspired by those around you,” says Hung.

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Dion Duff has always been right next to the action, whether part of the estimating and scheduling phase or supervising all ongoing on-site activities. This also includes providing hands-on mentoring to the next generation of builders.

Duff began his construction career for another construction company working in joint venture with PCL more than 20 years ago. Shortly after the project’s completion, he found his home at PCL. On complex healthcare projects, intricate revitalization projects and more, Duff has learned from previous leaders every step of the way.

When he first joined PCL, Duff had a mentor who inspired him to believe he was capable of anything. As he grew in his career, his goal as a leader was to pass that belief forward to his team. He looks forward to seeing his mentees move on to take the lead on their own projects.

“The best path to long-term prosperity in your career is to develop all-star leaders,” says Duff. 

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