To some, the 80s may have been considered the greatest decade. Known for outrageous fashion, massive hair and the innovative mix tape. During the 80s, high-rise office towers were constructed across the nation. Shiny and new, office workers flocked to these marvelous structures. 

Not unlike the Walkman’s demise, as time goes by a tower’s building systems, structure and envelope lose efficiency and the ability to keep up with technology and the times. The interior spaces become outdated and less attractive to tenants as new modern buildings with all the bells and whistles enter the marketplace. As we enter the 2020s, companies and employees are demanding contemporary and comfortable workspaces. Offices must provide an exceptional user experience, outstanding occupant comfort and sustainable features that reduce environmental impacts. 

A building owner could demolish an older tower and start fresh. But for the sake of nostalgia, why not revitalize and capitalize on an aging structure? Building on the past allows owners to achieve approximately 25% to 35% budget and 40% schedule savings and significantly reduce carbon emissions. This approach also increases the lifespan of the structure, maximizes revenue potential and will make your building a thrilling place to be. You just a little faith and the right construction partner.

Our building revitalization team offers a comprehensive suite of expert services to retrofit, repurpose or renew your asset. We bring together cost-effective solutions, leading-edge design and high-performance building systems. Together, we can transform your aging asset into a distinctive, state-of-the-art structure that attracts top paying tenants and increases your rental income.

Building revitalization offers many benefits including increased worker productivity and occupant comfort, reduced vacancy rates, increased capitalization rate, lower operating and maintenance costs and improved building efficiencies. Our expertise encompasses building envelope upgrades, mechanical and electrical upgrades, technology enhancements and amenity upgrades. 

Ready to transform your asset? To get the greatest value, engage us early in the preconstruction phase. We will guide you through potential challenges and the unknown and help you uncover solutions and opportunities. Collectively, we can assemble an experienced team of design professionals, engineers, consultants and tenant advisors familiar with the unique demands of revitalization projects. Assembling the right team will provide you with turnkey solutions that manage the complexities and often considerable technical risks involved in these projects.