Although clients anticipate stopping production for repairs and upgrades throughout a plant’s life cycle, they want minimal downtime. So, they need a fast and reliable construction partner to help them.

Melloy is a trusted service provider specializing in turnarounds, maintenance, capital projects and pressure vessel fabrication. Team members Mitch Soetaert, district manager, and Allan Rose, business development manager, know what it takes to be successful in this market: speed, reliability and value-added services.

Many plants that Melloy works on are more than 50 years old. “We ask clients to share their plant’s whole story with us – history, operational concerns and drivers,” says Soetaert. Once they gather as much information as possible about the project, the team brings their expertise from past projects and then provides feedback that contributes to the project’s success and positively affects the plant’s life cycle.

Rose adds that “understanding what success looks like to clients is key to building strong, long-lasting relationships.” 

“The Melloy office runs lean and most employees are out on project sites, which gives the group a small-company feel,” says Soetaert. “And that is a benefit for clients – as is the fact that Melloy is backed by the experience and resources of PCL.”

Under the PCL Industrial umbrella are five companies that work together to plan and execute a complete scope of work and manage a plant’s full life cycle. “This one-contractor model means we can offer clients a variety of services and keep overhead costs down,” says Rose.

Another perk of being part of PCL is Melloy’s access to PCL’s multiple in-house facilities, which include a modular assembly yard and fabrication facilities in both Canada and the United States. These facilities  provide third-party fabrication services and support PCL project sites. The facilities can fabricate, alter and repair complex piping, pressure vessels and exchangers of all sizes.

“We work closely with the teams at these facilities and have streamlined companywide procedures and policies that work hand in hand across the companies,” says Rose. “The facilities are flexible and can manage projects regardless of size or capacity. No matter the scope or complexity of a project, we have the resources to do it.”

There’s pride in ownership, and PCL is employee-owned. “We’re more invested in our productivity, quality and reputation because we’re owners,” says Soetaert.

To bring this ownership pride to every project, Melloy employs full-time staff superintendents. They are fully immersed in PCL’s corporate culture, which helps them build rapport with Melloy’s clients and be reliable, consistently available company representatives.  

“Employee ownership ensures our culture is carried beyond our offices and onto our projects,” says Rose. “Strong relationships and clear expectations between our project teams, clients and labor providers position us to complete any size of project while meeting our client’s expectations on safety, quality, schedule and cost.”