“When Noah was born, he was sent to the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) with an irregular heartbeat, jaundice and suspected issues with his esophagus and digestion, causing him to lose weight,” Magnolia Mojado, a PCL Toronto document control coordinator, recalled about the long and complicated delivery of her eldest son.

Though she was a nervous new mom, Magnolia found comfort in the care the SickKids staff gave Noah.

“One of the nurses gave me a piece of cloth that looked like a very small baby blanket. She said that I should wear it under my shirt for a day and bring it back on my next visit.

“The next evening, they placed the cloth on Noah under his blanket when he went to sleep. It wasn’t long until Noah started to show great progress and get off the IV and drink from a bottle,” Magnolia said.

Noah stayed at SickKids for almost two weeks before being discharged to the neonatal intensive care unit at Trillium Health Partners – Mississauga Hospital, where he stayed until he reached a healthy weight.

Today, Noah is 11 years old with no physical health issues.

PCL was proud to return as the presenting partner of SickKids GetLoud Presented by PCL Construction, SickKids Foundation’s signature event that raises awareness and funds to help build a new SickKids.

For the third year in a row, PCL employees rallied their friends and families throughout the month of September to GetLoud for SickKids as the PCL Hard Hat Crew.

More than 130 members of the PCL Hard Hat Crew – including Magnolia and her family – tracked their activity as they ran, walked or rode. The team tracked more than 3,200 kilometers, covering the greatest distance of any corporate team – an achievement we were proud to accomplish last year as well.

“When I think of all the help every child receives from SickKids, I feel very happy about PCL’s involvement and the opportunity to help create awareness about the needs for a new hospital,” Magnolia said.

Construction of SickKids’ new Patient Support Centre is underway – the first critical step to building a reimagined hospital campus of the future.

“As you go through your career, you build lots of things … what I’ve identified really, and I think what most people identify within PCL is when we touch the community,” said Project Director Curtis Paddock in a video produced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic about what it means to join the fight to build a new SickKids. “To work for an organization like SickKids that touches the community at a time when people are vulnerable with the most prized possession of their lives – their children – it means a lot.”