Edmonton, Alberta (December 2, 2022) – PCL Construction is pleased to announce that its cloud-based access control tracking solution, Job Site Access (JSA), has won the Toronto Construction Association’s 2022 Innovative Product Award.

JSA makes it simple for project teams to authorize, monitor, review and report on entrance and exit events to your site perimeter and other interior secure zones as defined by the project. At each checkpoint, JSA does more than just recognize the worker: JSA confirms that the worker is valid for the project, that the worker is assigned access to the specific gate, and that the gate is operational based on the hours of availability, ensuring no access during off hours.

“Our team is very excited for their hard work on developing this product to be recognized with this TCA award,” said Mark Bryant, PCL’s CIO. “Regulating who is on the construction site is critical for workforce safety and tracking attendance. With hundreds of workers in and out of our job sites daily, managing the flow of workers and subtrades can be a near-impossible task without the aid of technology. JSA is the backbone for supporting safe and secure access to project sites.”

Job Site Access is designed to scale to meet the demands of varying project sizes and configurations and flexible options based on security or operational requirements. Projects can choose the type of monitoring access method from QR printed badges or facial recognition authentication methods as well as hardware integration options from turnstile gate structures or self-service kiosk readers. The JSA solution supports remote management in the field through the JSA Site Mobile application for iOS or Android devices.

You can see JSA in action in this video.


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