San Diego, California (October 13, 2020) – PCL is pleased to announce that Lucas Mallory will now lead PCL Construction’s San Diego office as area manager. He will work closely with the team to grow the office’s reach and ensure successful construction operations. In early 2020, Lucas transferred to PCL’s San Diego office to strengthen relationships with key clients and has quickly demonstrated his leadership capabilities by connecting with the staff and community and charting paths for the future.

Lucas recognizes that the construction industry is built on strong relationships and people. His approach to his new role is a trust-based, collaborative leadership model and a belief in the area’s potential. “It’s a place where people not only want to live, but it’s also abundantly populated with sustainable industries that need our services,” said Lucas. “We have the opportunity to be a part of San Diego’s future.” 

Lucas joined PCL in 2005 as a project engineer and since then, has advanced through numerous roles, including Special Projects manager, business development manager and construction manager. As Special Projects manager, Lucas worked with clients to meet the specialized needs of their unique, smaller projects using an individualized approach and as business development manager, he leveraged his well-established connections to build PCL’s name within the industry. He brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to his new role as area manager and is also well-positioned to expand PCL in the marketplace through his ability to lead and connect with people.  

“Lucas is a huge asset to our team in San Diego allowing us to continue to build our presence in Southern California,” said Cathy Orquiola, vice president of California Buildings. “His innate ability to connect with people and develop his teams has led him to many great successes, and I’m confident this will continue in his new role.”