Tampa, Florida (Nov. 5, 2019) - The Marc Basnight Bridge, a replacement of the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge has been honored by multiple agencies and won several industry awards. The bridge is 2.7-miles-long. It opened to the public in February of this year and provides the only access route across the Oregon Inlet between Bodie Island and Hatteras Island.​  

The awards include: 

The team used precast concrete to provide a high-quality, economical, extremely durable and low-maintenance structure. The Oregon Inlet has been described as the most dangerous inlet on the Atlantic coast due to its constantly shifting waters. The natural channel moves literally hundreds of feet every few months, requiring constant dredging to maintain a navigable passage under the old bridge’s one navigation span. The new design reduces dredging and minimizes structural maintenance, reducing long-term costs and adverse environmental effects. 

PCL Construction worked with designer HDR Engineering, Inc., on this award-winning bridge.​  

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