DENVER, Colo. (April 21, 2023) –Synonymous with this year’s Earth Day theme of “investing in our planet,” PCL Construction continues to take action in reducing the organization’s carbon footprint – an incredibly important feat considering the construction industry generates an estimated 39% of the world’s carbon emissions (according to the World Green Building Council).

“PCL’s culture of innovation keeps us on the leading edge of sustainable building practices,” said Scott Beckman, PCL’s director of sustainability. “I am proud of the steps we continue to take toward protecting our planet not just in collaboration with our clients on projects across North America, but in our more than 30 of offices as well.” This year, some of the sustainability measures the company is focused on include:

  • Achieving EnergyStar certification for several of our PCL owned facilities. The company’s Los Angeles office was one of the first offices to achieve the Safety First RE: Re-Enter Your Workspace Pilot Credit. The project reduced indoor water use by 44% and reduced energy consumption by nearly 48%.
  • Completing a solar feasibility assessment to determine which PCL-owned office buildings are likely candidates for rooftop solar. PCL’s office in Bakersfield, California has a large solar array on its roof and the team is looking to expand solar to other buildings on the property to achieve net zero carbon over the next five years.
  • Launching an idling reduction campaign to reduce carbon emissions by decreasing unnecessary vehicle idling time in PCL-owned pickup trucks.
  • Using fleet telematics to access detailed information about fuel usage and miles traveled to better understand opportunities for reducing carbon emissions from our vehicles.
  • Converting to LED lighting on jobsites to replace less efficient metal halide technology powered by diesel and provide higher quality lighting for night workers.
  • Implementing local office waste tracking and custom project site signage with a QR code to assist team members with finding local waste recycling and reuse resources.

PCL’s director of sustainability, Scott Beckman, talked more about the steps the company is taking to protect our planet and how the employee experience at PCL is impacted by sustainability and environmental responsibility efforts in his interview with Great Place to Work.


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