Toronto, ON (October 25, 2022) – PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto) and Cadillac Fairview are pleased to announce they have reached a significant milestone to preserve the historic 2 Queen building.

Recently, the companies, along with trade partners and consultants celebrated reaching the highest point of construction, which included the erection of the steel structure.

“The steel topping off is a true cornerstone for revitalizing one of the most notable downtown Toronto street corners and marks a significant milestone in our heritage restoration efforts,” said Rory MacLeod, Senior Vice President, Development, Cadillac Fairview. “We’re looking forward to the next phase that will further enhance our building and nearby office and retail assets as marquee destinations in the city.”

Originally completed in 1895, 2 Queen has had its share of owners and renovations over the years, resulting in dramatic changes to the building. To take it back to its roots, PCL was tasked with keeping its history intact, while revamping the structure to meet present-day needs.

“We are honoured to share this incredible moment with our valued partners and tradespeople who have worked through many obstacles to bring our client’s vision to life,” said Monique Buckberger, PCL Toronto’s vice president and district manager. “Reaching this point of construction on the 2 Queen revitalization project is a historic step for our community. The century-old building will soon be a representation of Toronto’s rich history as well as the city’s beautiful transformation throughout the years.”

Located on Toronto’s famous retailer junction, Queen and Yonge, this complex project entails a heritage restoration of the exterior façade of the original five-story building with a three-story superstructure. Clad in a glass curtain wall, the new three floors will be a mixture of office and restaurant spaces. While the original intent was to salvage as much of the existing building as possible, the wear-and-tear of the last century forced the team to consider a re-creation instead.

Highlights included:

·         Modeling exact replicas of the original 1895 brick down to color, size and mortar.

·         In situ restoration of the sign band of the first-ever owner, Philip Jamieson Clothing Company, complete with its beautiful gold gilding.

·         Recreating the wooden window frames and reinstalling some of the carefully salvaged curved glass.

“On a project of this nature, we can only expect the unexpected. An aspect of building revitalization is expecting to encounter the unknowns of a building’s history,” says Mark Henderson, PCL Toronto’s building revitalization manager. “The most important thing is that we do our best to preserve it for our client and our city. The goal is to keep its legacy alive for generations to come.”

The project will open to the public within the next year with substantial completion set for summer 2023.

Project team:

·         Owner: Cadillac Fairview

·         Architect: Zeidler Architecture

·         Heritage Consultant: ERA Architects

·         Structural Engineer: RJC Engineers

·         Mechanical and Electrical Consultant: The Hidi Group

·         Demolition: Mitchell Demolition

·         Structural Steel: Walters Group

·         Concrete and formwork: Belmont Concrete Finishing Co.

·         Heritage restoration: Clifford Masonry Limited


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