Edmonton, Alberta (September 28, 2020) – PCL Construction is pleased to announce that Webcor Construction, #36 on the ENR Top 100, has selected PCL’s Job Site Insights™ (JSI™) smart construction platform to enable the future of construction on its job sites.

​Changing environmental conditions are one of the biggest challenges and risks to construction sites and workforces. JSI™ is a custom-built Internet of Things (IoT) platform that enables real-time data-driven insights in the field leveraging IoT sensors that continuously monitor environmental conditions in the field.

PCL is continually looking for ways to enhance the safety, quality and schedule of its construction projects while reducing costs. Forming strategic partnerships that can drive construction processes towards a technologically-advanced future can enhance the industry as a whole. “By monitoring things like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, water leak detection, concrete strength, sound, vibration, gases, and energy consumption to name a few, we can dramatically alter and enhance how construction is done today,” said PCL’s CIO, Mark Bryant.

“Job Site Insights™ is the leading smart construction platform in the industry. By reducing costly rework, improving build quality, and making improvements to productivity, safety and energy efficiency we can rewrite the history book of construction,” said Bryant. “Additionally, use of JSI™ reduces manual labor costs, and drives down insurance claims and premiums making it a “must have” for all budget-conscious construction organizations.

“Our technology team has invested in the research, development and right product and partner mix to enable an absolutely incredible platform for construction. The need to enhance our job site efficiency with technology, driven by our field personnel, gave birth to JSI™. We are extremely excited about the future of this platform and happy to see Webcor taking advantage of it,”  said PCL’s Chris Gower, COO Buildings.

"We are very excited to unlock the value of this relationship," said Kim Bates, Webcor vice president and CIO. "This partnership will dramatically improve our superintendents' and field personnel's visibility to risks that otherwise are not readily identified unless they happen to be at the right place at the right time. Those risks range from air quality to oxygen levels in confined spaces to water intrusion,” said Bates. "We are confident we will quickly realize the ROI from the real-time alerts, embedded JSI™ dashboards and analytics. Webcor's quick adoption of the JSI™​ solution has allowed us to intelligently enhance our existing smart construction ecosystem."

For building owners, smart buildings are a way to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from others in the market. Smart buildings start with smart construction. PCL is committed to increasing the functionality of the JSI™ platform to deliver this value to our clients, the industry, and to deliver smart buildings that are equipped for the future.


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