With a gas line failing at their Corona facility, 3M needed to replace it and took the opportunity to run a new water line in a shared trench at the same time. The tricky part? The new lines were running close to the existing lines, which needed to stay active during construction to keep the facility in operation, and the path of construction ran the lines alongside and occasionally across an active road with trucks hauling product out of the facility.

Working in a limited area and through rocky ground conditions, our team kept the facility up and running for 3M while finding solutions for all their construction needs. We provided an additional hydro excavation and exploratory scope to improve line routing through the facility, utilized coiled piping in 500-foot spools instead of 40-foot sticks to save costs on the project, and we ran the new HDPE line in sections and then returned later to connect them, saving on both labor and equipment.

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