The 4th Avenue Reservoir is one of three in Regina that supply water to the city. It stores water and acts as a back-up to the main supply. The reservoir needed to be drained to complete work during non-peak usage months. Our teams worked seven days a week to repair and waterproof the entire interior, minimizing the time the reservoir was inoperable.

The original project plan proposed installing the posttension cable system. We proposed an alternative, more efficient, method of framing the cladding that involved installing 25 posttensioned cables around the perimeter of the reservoir.

As part of this fruitful collaboration with the City of Regina and consultants, we reviewed the earthwork calculations to excavate the structural fill when the reservoir was at partial capacity. This allowed the City of Regina to continue using the reservoir during the excavation and ensured this portion of the project was complete before the start of winter. Now complete, residents can rest assured they have a reliable, safe water supply. 

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