The 25-story Canaccord Tower on 609 Granville Street is a key office building at the Cadillac Fairview Pacific Centre, the largest mall in downtown Vancouver. We tackled the exterior renovations of the 30-year-old building after it began to show signs of major deterioration.  

Our team recognized this as not only a window replacement project, but also a tenant management project. We used expert project-planning to ensure tenants in the tower weren’t interrupted by construction. We acquired a long-duration noise exception with the city to work night shifts and stay on schedule. We also utilized prioritized noise monitoring protocols to decrease disturbances during night-time construction for nearby residents. 

A major challenge we overcame was accessing the 25-story building. Our solution to removing and installing 1.5 million pounds of glass was to use a unique Multi Point Suspended Platform. We rigged this platform up around the entire tower and it acted as an exterior elevator that provided work access floor by floor.

Interior upgrades were also made, and new windows rejuvenated the building’s office environment and let more natural light into the space. We included a new framing system with a thermal insulating barrier to improve the weather and energy efficiency performance of the tower.  

Through innovation and determination, we increased the quality of the building and improved the tenant’s workplace, all while strengthening our relationship with Cadillac Fairview. 

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