PCL was selected to install Flue Gas Desulphurization scrubbers at Plant Bowen, one of the largest generating plants in the United States. The plant contains four supercritical coal-fired power units totaling 3,400 megawatts. PCL formed a joint venture with a local union contractor to provide the craft labor to fit the existing plant labor environment. As managing partner, PCL performed mechanical, ductwork, electrical, instrumentation, piping, structural steel, and specialty subcontract work on all four units at the plant. At completion, the team had installed 142,000 linear feet of flue gas duct weldment; 11,000 tons of structural steel; and over 101,000 linear feet of piping. PCL was also responsible for the installation of eight biaxial booster fans, two ball mills, two limestone silos, and all interconnecting pumps, blowers, and compressors.

During planned outages, the project team worked a 24-hour-per-day schedule to accomplish final tie-ins to ductwork and stacks. All units were brought online as scheduled, while additional tie-ins were made during scheduled maintenance outages at the plant.

PCL’s project team worked 2,418,488 hours on this project without a single lost-time incident, and received three Southern Company Triangle Safety Awards as a result. Successful completion allowed the client to accomplish its air-quality improvement initiative at Plant Bowen.

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