PCL Industrial Construction Co. constructed the 48M model furnace for the Baytown Super module Project. PCL began pre-construction services in October 2019 and started modular assembly in August 2021. PCL's scope of work consisted of constructing a 60’ x 115’ x 190’ furnace as part of upgrades to the existing 1594 ethylene unit to provide more cracking heat and increase production.

PCL developed the modularization and heavy lift strategy that would allow for a significant portion of the furnace to be constructed as modules and pre-assembled offsite before being transported to the operating plant for the remaining construction. This modular construction approach would bring myriad benefits, including significantly reducing the work at heights and removing the need for fire retardant clothing in the scorching Texas summer heat, creating a safer environment for workers. The final location of the furnace was approximately 1.5 miles from the modular construction area and was transported using a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT). This method, as opposed to stick building it in place and working in a live facility, saved the client money while staying on schedule. Read more about this fascinating project and watch the move here. 

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