In 2005, Ameresco Santa Cruz LLC was one of the first large developers in reusable energy in California. One of their first projects was a facility located in Watsonville that would repurpose of methane gas from the Santa Cruz County’s Buena Vista Landfill into clean, reusable energy (LFGTE). Our reputation as a quality green energy contractor is the reason PCL was awarded the project.

The project scope included site grading, install piles, concrete foundations, electrical substation, installation of three Jenbacher IC engine/electrical generating packages, heat exchangers, fuel conditioning skids, a generator control center, stainless steel pipe fabrication/install and electrical installation.

The facility was built in two and a half months, while the industry average on similar projects would normally take four to five months. The plant produces 3.2 megawatts of clean electricity, improving air quality by an amount equivalent to removing more than 27,000 cars from the highway – or preventing the use of 286,000 barrels of oil annually.

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