The University of Denver’s Pioneer Career Achievement Center is a sustainability marvel with a harmonious connection to the surrounding environment. Targeting LEED Platinum certification, it’s the first 100% mass timber structure in Colorado. The wood cut for this mass timber project comes from trees that take less than three days to regrow, compared to traditional pine which takes approximately four weeks to regrow.  

To achieve this mass timber honor, we worked collaboratively with the design team and subcontractors to bring the cost-effective, LEED Platinum building to life. We self-performed the mass timber erection, which provided more control over quality and schedule, and found solutions to fire rate the cross laminated timber (CLT) shafts. CLT has significant fire resistance, meaning it can remain stable when subjected to high temperatures. An additional sustainable feature includes solar photovoltaic panels to supply the building’s energy.  

The facility, once open to students, will house services for student career development, employer engagement and alumni activities. 

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