The Memorial Park Library is a classically-inspired, early twentieth-century building located in Central Memorial Park in the heart of downtown Calgary. In early 1912, the Memorial Park Library opened its doors to Calgarians. It was the first public library building in Alberta and one of the more than 150 libraries built in Canada during that period.

As the general contractor, PCL managed the procurement and execution phases of the washroom renovation. The project involved the demolition and abatement of the existing washrooms, followed by the installation of new plumbing and electrical fixtures, new washroom partitions and accessories, along with paint and flooring upgrades.

Due to COVID-19 and the city-wide library closures, the client asked PCL to accelerate the schedule to complete all three washrooms levels at the same time.

Our Special Projects division completed the renovation to the 108-year-old library. This project marks the first team to upgrade the building since the 1970s.

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