Emitting enough energy to power 660,000 homes, the Cane Run Unit 7 Power Plant dramatically reduced its emissions to meet strict environmental regulations. Construction replaced its existing coal-fired units with gas-turbine technology to produce a cleaner source of energy for years to come.

As pioneers of environmental controls for coal plants in the 1970s, it’s no surprise that the Louisville Gas & Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company are also the first to implement this combined-cycle plant technology in coal-dominated Kentucky.

Working with joint venture partner Black & Veatch’s wholly owned subsidiary, Overland Contracting, Inc., PCL provided engineering, procurement, construction and start-up/commissioning on the plant.

The facility was designed off the backbone of Siemen’s SGT6-500F gas turbine and VOGT SMART module heat recovery steam generators. On the project, we executed two complete boiler hydro tests consisting of the complete LP Steam, IP Steam, HP Steam and Hot-Reheat systems in a single 24-hour shift. This was no easy feat, especially in the middle of winter, but the project team worked together and successfully performed this milestone activity. 

Discovering a 50-some year-old abandoned ash pond directly under the site was a challenge we weren’t expecting. Prior geotechnical engineering reports didn’t show this pond, but we were able to remove and replace all the contaminated soil and create a mitigation plan that allowed us to continue our work.

With completion of the Cane Run Unit 7 Power Plant, the Louisville Gas & Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company is providing Kentucky families with a low-cost, more reliable and cleaner energy source. 

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