A metaphorical handshake: The iconic CF Eaton Centre Bridge revitalizes an inaccessible pedestrian connection between two premiere shopping malls at the intersection of the famed Yonge and Queen Streets: the landmark Toronto Eaton Centre and the storied Hudson’s Bay Centre. 

Bridging Time and Place: Mediating between heritage 1896 sandstone and 1970s glass and steel architecture, the twisting geometry is defined by 190 patinated bronze panels contrasting with 210 double curved glass panels, each unique in shape and curvature. Extruded aluminum profiles on the exterior contain heat traced cables to reduce the risk of winter ice falling off into one of Toronto’s busiest pedestrian intersections. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once: PCL’s revitalization and modular construction experts collaborated early with designers, consultants and international fabricators to realize the architectural vision through a series of scale mock-ups that allowed for detail analysis, design refinement and high quality control.

A feat of modular prefabrication:  The bridge’s main structural components were assembled on a nearby Street and then – using a highly specialized hydraulic lift system – the fully assembled 218 metric tonne bridge was hoisted into place over several early morning hours on a weekend.

The new CF Toronto Eaton Centre Pedestrian Bridge is a stunning new cultural landmark in Toronto that, among numerous other awards, was honoured with the Toronto Construction Association’s Best of the Best Project Achievement Award for 2017. Accepting the award, David Stewart, Director, Project Management and Development with Cadillac Fairview stated: “PCL exemplified all of the qualities that the award calls for: innovation in means and methods; overcoming challenges related to budget, schedule and quality control; unique safety and environmental protocols; and with professionalism exhibited by all members of the project team.” 

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