The Toronto skyline wouldn’t be complete without the iconic, signature CN Tower: still the tallest free standing tower in the western hemisphere and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Collaborating closely with our design build team and focused on expanding space and views to enhance visitor experience, this high-risk project included the removal of the exterior half-window walls and replacing them with self-tinting, floor-to-ceiling glass. A new glass floor was installed directly above the Tower’s original glass floor, providing a two-tier vertical view toward the ground over half a kilometer below.

Despite working at extreme heights and through adverse weather conditions, the project was successfully delivered on time and on budget, in celebration of the tower’s 41st birthday. 

How do you replace glazing 1,800 feet in the air? Very carefully and with supreme attention to safety protocols for working at extreme heights.  This involved the implementation of an extensive fall protection program that included installation of an engineered ‘Extreme High-Rise Hoarding’ system, fall protection system, customized debris netting, and mandatory tool, equipment and hardhat tethering. Workers were trained accordingly, and safe work procedures were implemented by formally auditing them throughout the project. PCL completed the project at extreme height and through extreme weather conditions, with zero MOL orders.

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