The Section V expansion of the Co-op Refinery Complex began a partnership with CCRL that has lasted more than a decade and featured numerous capital project collaborations, and its success was predicated on PCL’s entire offering of industrial construction services.

The expansion engaged not just PCL’s experienced field construction teams, but our pipe fabrication and module assembly facilities as well. Issues with cat vessels, slide gate and piping required special assembly and that was handled by experts from our Melloy Industrial Services. Additionally, we were able to supply the third-party construction management team with our in-house planning, management and reporting software when their program was inadequate for the demands on-site.

Charged with constructing a pre-fractionation unit, fluidized catalytic cracking unit, gas concentration unit, catalytic concentration unit, more than 249,000 linear feet of piping and more, PCL completed the job so well that nameplate throughput and quality were met within the first 24 hours of operation and the expansion did not need to but shut down for adjustment for months.

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