Starting in 1935 with eight farmers who believed they could produce and distribute their own gas, the CO-OP Refinery Complex (CRC) is now one of Canada’s largest refining and upgrading complexes. 

We have a long continuing history working at the CRC and have worked with them in the industrial and civil sectors for over 10 years. We continue to provide construction support to their capital projects and commissioning needs. 

At the CRC, we’ve had the unique opportunity to work with multiple design partners on one site. We have completed complex upgrades to the existing facilities in areas where the project is divided between multiple design companies and still maintained the owner’s preferences and installation standards.

On one such project, four independent design groups supplied detailed engineering. We streamlined the work by consolidating multiple 3D model files into one master file to help identify any clashes in the scopes and to sequence all the disciplines into a single schedule. On other CRC projects and upgrades, we’ve provided feedback on early works and outage planning. We’ve also identified long lead time items and expedited the purchase orders which saved valuable construction time and reduced the risk of rework.  

Through our long history at CRC we’ve helped expedite critical projects and have built a strong relationship. We value the partnership and continue to work on upgrading the refinery with new environmental and green fuel technology. 

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