The Denver International Airport (DEN)’s air conditioning required major upgrades to accommodate for regulations put in place by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The federal organization has deemed R22 refrigerant, the component that keeps your air cool, the worst offender for depleting the Earth’s ozone layer.

Most air conditioning units older than 10 years contain this cooling component, as the negative impacts were undiscovered at the initial install. Since then, the component has been phased out, but still requires replacement in many units. 

In total, we removed 600 pounds of R22 refrigerant from the DEN units. 

Like many businesses and industries, the project was impacted from the unexpected pandemic in 2020. However, even with the schedule disruption, we found creative, flexible ways to adjust and mitigate COVID-19 impacts. The project was still completed prior to its original deadline.  

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