Located in a city that straddles the Alberta and Saskatchewan border, Husky’s Lloydminster Upgrader uses feedstock from both provinces to convert heavy oil to high-quality, low sulphur synthetic oil. Husky implemented a debottlenecking project as part of its 2020 turnaround to increase production at the upgrader.

PCL fabricated and assembled six modules, coordinated non-destructive examinations and painted the modules prior to shipping them to Husky’s site. We also fabricated six-inch and eight-inch carbon steel pipe spools and procured the materials required.

Husky had experienced challenges with modules from other contractors not fitting properly when arriving on-site. To ensure everything would fit, we pre-designed the field-run tray with a 3D model and shared it with Husky. The modules were fabricated indoors at PCL’s in-house fabrication facility to protect them from the elements. Our project superintendent accompanied the modules to site to oversee the setting and connections and ensure a seamless fit.

With the completion of the debottlenecking project, Husky has increased its heavy crude production and its diesel production at the Lloydminster Upgrader. 

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