Replacing the top 15 feet of the ALT-06 ISO stripper at Imperial Oil’s Strathcona Refinery was a project an entire year in the making. In order to prepare for the autumn 2014 turnaround, Melloy Industrial Services supplied two staff superintendents to Imperial Oil to plan, schedule and execute this critical path.

This in-depth planning phase allowed us to devise methods for the complicated technical work required to complete the project. Melloy had a bulkhead built below the cut line to capture the five tons of sand and water required for the water jet cut. This bulkhead helped reduce the cleanup efforts for the bottom half of the vessel. The job also required an alternate welding procedure that would not require a post-weld heat treatment, which was developed in-house by our team, and in order to reduce the time required for welding inspection, we utilized Phased-Array Ultrasonic Testing.

This particular vessel was located inside the refinery’s alkylation unit, which uses hydrofluoric acid as a catalyst. This specialized scope of work required all staff working in the unit to wear full alkylation protective “B” suits. With over 50,000 labor hours in these conditions, Melloy did not experience a single recordable incident on the project. This is a testament to our site team and their commitment to upholding our strong standards of safety. 

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