University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)’s Jules Stein Building is ready to level up. The five-story building was first introduced to campus in 1966 and due to its age has since earned Level V for seismic stability, a rating designated for structures whose failure may greatly impact a large area or number of people. Fast forward five decades and the structure was ready for safety modifications to increase its viability after an earthquake.

The seismic corrections and program improvements to the 93,000-square-foot facility also included renovating two floors with wet labs for vision science research, replacing aged building systems and increasing accessibility.  

The goal throughout the project was simple – minimize impacts to the surrounding environment, including the student body and faculty that still occupied part of the building throughout construction. We completed the project with zero noise or dust complaints.

The project achieved LEED Platinum certification. By working closely with the design team, we ensured existing finishes were preserved and protected when possible to use in the future development, which resulted in time and cost savings. 

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