When South African-based chemical and energy company Sasol launched its first project in the United States, it came with some significant new technology. The Lake Charles Chemical Project (LCCP) would convert ethane to ethylene and other ethylene-based products, with PCL handling construction of the Low-density Polyethylene Unite (LDPE).

This unit included installation of a 20,000-horsepower primary/purge gas compressor, a 44,000-horsepower secondary hyper compressor and the associated high-pressure tubular reactor, all of which were unique to the US market and rare worldwide, with only a handful having been installed.

With a global client and a technologically-advanced plant to build, PCL took extra steps to ensure that communication was clear. We developed comprehensive processes to go along with each procedure and trained all parties on these processes to make sure we were all aligned in how the build would take place. The end result? Over 5,000 tons of structural steel, 190,000 feet of piping, and the setting and installation of over 500 pieces of equipment without a single lost-time incident.

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