If you have ever rented a car from one of several facilities at the Los Angeles International Airport, you know it can be quite the excursion. The airport’s new Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC) Facility is ready to change this. The airport is visited by rental car shuttles more than 3,200 times a day to transport travelers in and out of the airport. ConRAC is eliminating these shuttle trips by relocating more than 20 existing rental car locations into one convenient area. At 6.3 million square feet, the facility is estimated to be the largest cast-in-place concrete project of its kind, only slightly smaller than the building area of the U.S. Pentagon.

When complete, it will have the capacity to handle 21,000 rental vehicles, including both autonomous and futuristic cars, making it the largest rental car complex in the world. During peak activity, a rental car is expected to leave the facility every two seconds.  

Since the project’s beginning, we have remained committed to finding new and innovative ways to positively impact the local community, economy and environment.

The project is committed to a 30% local workforce and has exceeded the requirements by developing career opportunities for small, local businesses. The team is also sponsoring 100 new, local apprentices to work on the facility. Additionally, the project’s drought tolerant landscape, reclaimed water usage and solar farm are just a few environmentally-friendly elements included in the initial design.


  • The facility will include 186 fueling dispensers, making it the world’s largest gas station.
  • An 8,400-megawatt photovoltaic solar panel system will be large enough to power 1,100 houses.
  • The project will use more than 56 million pounds of reinforced steel, equal to the weight of 6,000 African elephants.
  • More than 703,000 square feet of asphalt will be used for paving, enough to cover 52 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • The building’s concrete volume is estimated at 265,000 cubic yards, which would cover New York City’s Central Park in more than two inches of concrete.


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