With over 5.6 million square feet of retail, restaurants and entertainment, Mall of America is the largest indoor mall in the United States. It stands on the former site of Metropolitan Stadium, which was home to the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins until 1982. In fact, a bronze plaque can be found in the northwest corner of Nickelodeon Universe themed amusement park, marking home plate where the "Met" once stood.

The mall boasts 500-plus stores across three levels and includes four anchor stores. The mall’s east side also features a fourth level. Attached to the mall on the east and west are five-level parking structures that accommodate more than 12,000 vehicles.

In the center of the mall, a seven-acre Nickelodeon Universe amusement park provides summer-like conditions all year long, thanks to its glass roof.

PCL has been a constant partner in the enhancements at the Mall of America – from the very beginning.

In 1989, PCL’s Minneapolis office began its largest project ever – the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. After years of deciding how to use the out of use Metropolitan Stadium land, the project broke ground on June 14, 1989 and took nearly three years to complete. The fully enclosed retail and entertainment complex included more than 300 stores and a seven-acre amusement park, originally named Knott’s Camp Snoopy. The mall was originally built to be as environmentally friendly as possible and despite Minnesota’s cold winters, there is no central heat. Since its original construction, the mall has been heated by solar radiation from installing over a mile of skylights, lighting fixture heat and the body heat from the visiting people. Building the largest mall in the country took a massive coordination effort from scheduling personnel to coordinating materials and ensuring the high-quality build of such an iconic project. The project was awarded the Build America Award in 1993, recognized by Associated General Contractors (AGC). The Build America Award honors AGC members who build the nation’s most impressive construction projects.

PCL has completed multiple projects since the original construction of the mall, including various renovations over the past 20 years. The team was asked to complete the extensive renovations without disturbing the ambience of the mall or the comfort of mall-goers. This required renovation work to be done before opening and after closing, as well as optimizing daytime hours while remaining discreet. The use of enclosures to contain the renovation sites were needed to keep the work out of view. In addition to the work being hidden, Mall of America wanted the enclosures to be clean and professional looking. PCL required the enclosures to  be easily built and modified, portable, and reusable so an efficient and attractive enclosure system was needed.

With the first of the renovations, the project team recommended the mall use an Advanced Wall System manufactured by Alluset Precision Manufacturing. This adaptable, unassuming structure consists of an interlocking extruded aluminum frame that uses fiber-reinforced plastic inserts to form a two-inch-thick wall when panels are bolted together. By carefully erecting and manipulating these panels, PCL ensured the site remained clean, neat and professional looking, while ensuring patrons continued to enjoy the many Mall of America offerings in comfort and with as little disruption as possible.

PCL continues to be a trusted partner for the client and tenants at Mall of America from general mall renovations and upgrading attractions to rebuilding tenant spaces, most recently with the new M&Ms World. The Mall of America attracts more than 40 million visitors annually and PCL is honored to be a part of the iconic building that reflects the Midwest culture and community.

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