Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in the state of Florida, and the fifth largest zoo in the United States. The Amazon and Beyond expansion, with its unique exhibits from around the world, is the seventh project that PCL has worked on for the zoo. This 27-acre development included nine buildings, seven large exhibits, four viewing pavilions and three aviaries that showcase Central and South American plants and animals in a replica of their natural habitat.

The Amazon and Beyond expansion is separated into four distinct areas: Village Plaza, Cloud Forest, Amazonia and Atlantic Forest-Pantanal. The Village Plaza is a large, hardscape plaza that houses a food and gift pavilion, a stage and a large water-feature play area. The remaining three areas are home to a vast variety of habitats and species from the Amazonian region.

Protecting and preserving animal environments was crucial during construction. Multiple animal environments had complex life support systems containing mechanical, plumbing and electrical components that had to be carefully regulated to create a suitable living environment for these exotic creatures.

A few of the many notable enhancements in the Amazon and Beyond area include a 48,000-gallon fish tank, a 1,000-gallon stingray touch tank, a crocodile holding and viewing area, an anaconda exhibit, a bat exhibit and several play areas for children.

The project site also included exotic flora and fauna features, watering and feeding systems, fogging systems, and water filtration and purification systems. The team installed graphics, sculptures, artifacts and audio and video components to create an interpretive and educational experience for guests.

Zoo Miami’s stated mission is to “Share the wonder of wildlife and help conserve it for generations to come.” PCL is honored to support the client’s mission through the work we did for this remarkable project, as well as the 80 other zoo projects we have built.

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