When NOVA Chemicals Corporation needed someone to step in and complete Phase 1 of their furnace revamp project, they called on Melloy Industrial Services.

As a self-performing contractor, we were able to maintain the construction schedule, keep costs low throughout the project, deliver cost and schedule reporting and maintain 70% of the tradespeople from the previous contractor. Four furnaces were revamped, including the radiant coils, burners, convention section, ID/FD fans and stacks. The project also included demolition and installation of piping, structural steel, electrical, refractory and instrumentation. 

With over 906,067 recordable work hours Melloy was able to maintain a 0% lost time incident rate throughout the project. 

Like any good movie, our client felt our performance warranted a sequel, and NOVA again called upon us a year later to revamp four more furnaces on the same site.

Just like the first project, Phase 2 maintained construction schedule and reduced project costs by utilizing an alternative compensation model. We increased our self-performed scope from Phase 1 by completing all machining and confined-space ventilation scope. It’s not often a sequel exceeds the original, but together we did just that. In total, the second project was completed with nearly 943,856 hours worked.

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