The Oliver P. Roemer Water Filtration Facility project in Rialto, California, will expand the facility’s capacity from 14.4 million to 21.6 million gallons of water per day. The project will provide additional treated water capacity to meet regional water demands, address water supply reliability and support regional groundwater sustainability management efforts. Using a design-build delivery method, the team is working with the West Valley Water District (WVWD) and other partners to deliver efficient upgrades to better balance the use of groundwater, local surface water and imported water supplies for the region. The upgrade to the aging infrastructure ensures long-term sustainable management and dependability for the communities in the San Bernadino Valley, east of Los Angeles.

A pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) will be constructed adjacent to the existing filter building. The new PEMB will house three new Trident Package Contact Adsorption Clarifier (CAC) and filter systems to treat the water with space for future additional CAC and filter systems. A new influent pump station will supply water to the Trident filter units and a new effluent pump station will pump the additional water to an existing off site storage reservoir. The team will install a new 30-inch treated water pipeline under an adjacent street to move water from the filter building to the reservoir. Three inline Ultraviolet (UV) Reactors and Granular Activated Carbon pumps will replace existing units to meet the increased need for filtration and disinfection due to the added facility capacity.

The expansion of the Oliver P. Roemer Water Filtration Facility prioritizes a focus on the community. The project includes a Community Workforce Agreement to guarantee local residents will perform thirty percent of all hours of project work.

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