The city of Prince Albert in central-northern Saskatchewan sources its water supply from the North Saskatchewan River, which runs through the heart of the city of nearly 40,000 citizens. As the third largest city in the province and the gateway to the province’s north, Prince Albert and its services are also critical to many thousands more beyond those that live within its city limits.

The city’s waterworks begin with the raw water intake in the river and the associated low lift pumphouse onshore. From there, water is pumped directly to the water treatment plant across the road before distribution to end-users. The existing low lift pumphouse was originally constructed in 1925 and is at the end of its life cycle. The facility is essential to maintaining a steady supply of fresh drinking water for the city’s population but requires continual repair. PCL’s construction of the new raw water pumphouse will ensure that local area residents have uninterrupted access to freshwater supply for decades to come. 

As a company founded in Saskatchewan over 115 years ago, PCL has a longstanding history of constructing key infrastructure all over the province. In addition, our large market share across North America ensures that we bring notable expertise and experience to all manners of civil construction projects like this one. We take pride in being part of the City of Prince Albert’s construction team for the replacement of this critical piece of their water system infrastructure. Our project team has tackled the most noteworthy challenges to date on this project head-on and will continue to collaborate with the City and AECOM to deliver this core piece of infrastructure on-time while meeting the highest quality standards. 

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