Overlooking the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport tarmac is Delta Air Lines’ 23,000-square-foot Delta Sky Club. Featuring a two-story lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows that self-darken, the new club offers stunning views of Mount Rainier and offers guests plenty of room to relax and refresh with high-end amenities, including a spa, six shower stations, a large buffet and full bar. The interior design of the club pays tribute to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, featuring stylish hardwood tables, curving wood-paneled walls and ceilings, and colorful glass in shapes that suggest the movement of water.  

The club sits above an existing baggage handling facility, and construction required highly technical and innovative approaches from our Special Projects division. During preconstruction, 3D laser scanning of the existing structure and infrastructure was utilized to accurately coordinate new work with existing utilities. A BIM model was created and used to coordinate all aspects of construction, down to the interior glass handrails. This allowed for early development of shop drawings and the timely release of materials for production, which minimized lead times and accelerated construction. Robotic total stations were used for layout and verification and further eliminated challenges to ensure the accurate location for the curved walls, ceilings, stairs and casework that would not be possible using a traditional grid layout.  

SeaTac’s baggage handling facility and transit tunnel is located directly below the Sky Club, which remained fully operational during construction. The project team worked with constant traffic moving in and out of the baggage facility along with active boarding gates on either side. By proactively managing schedules, the Delta Sky Club became a win-win for passengers, the client and project team alike.  

With persistence and drive, PCL’s Special Projects division opened the new facility one month early, leading to more time for guests to recharge and relax.

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