It’s hard to believe Shaw connected their first cable customer in 1971. Since then they’ve become Western Canada’s leading network and content experience company. With an eye on expanding their network reach in British Columbia, Shaw looked to PCL to help them add a one-story hub building on the Shaw property in Richmond.

We’ve completed three projects with Shaw in B.C. and several in Alberta, and because of our experience and capabilities we received two separate contracts to build Shaw’s new hub sites.

Customers rely on Shaw to provide uninterrupted network service and Shaw relied on us to complete our work while keeping their complex network fully operational. We were careful not to damage underground fiber conduits while digging and we completed this without interrupting their network service. 

We constructed this building using a cross-laminated timber structure. The client requested CLT products as a solution to speed up construction and standardize all future network hub buildings for Shaw. This streamlined approach is a win-win for both PCL and Shaw. With a standardized construction method for future network hub buildings, we’ll be a step ahead in the planning process should Shaw choose to partner with us on their next hub project.

The collaborative effort between our team and Shaw resulted in open, honest conversation throughout construction. This project needed both the construction knowledge from PCL and the technical knowledge from Shaw, resulting in an unstoppable dream team.  

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