We put our experience in public-private partnerships to work on the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre to expand capacity in the previously over-crowded maximum-security corrections facility. We added 216 cells, common areas and support spaces and replaced the outdated security system.

Collaboration and flexibility were key to completing this renovation in a fully functioning and occupied correctional center. We assembled a project team known for successfully completing projects with B.C. Corrections, including consultants, trade partners and our own PCL employees.

We used our modular construction expertise to design and build the concrete cell modules off-site, dramatically increasing the level of quality and security finishes for each unit. The finished painted cells arrived at the center ready to hook up to utilities, complete with a bed, desk, closet and pre-installed toilet. 

Our team spent hundreds of hours investigating the safest way to complete the significant technology upgrades. We worked closely with corrections staff to understand the nature of their work and the safety protocols that guide their operations. With this insight we developed a phasing plan that kept cameras and security access points working while we updated the system. The collaborative approach ensured people in the center were always safe.

In addition to strengthening community, staff and inmate safety, our partnership with B.C. Corrections staff helped us achieve significant strides in security technology, which we’ve leveraged on subsequent correctional facility projects in British Columbia.  

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