The Lion condominium project, located in the heart of Vail, Colorado, entailed demolishing existing structures to create a new 323,800 square-foot luxury complex. Featuring 80 units in addition to retail and restaurant spaces, along with a three-level parking garage, the development spans seven floors above ground. 

Extensive coordination was required to maintain a seamless experience for visitors in this popular ski resort. The team’s proactive engagement with local authorities, including the fire department, ensured effective traffic and safety management. Their strategic approach in managing deliveries, noise control, and clear communication led to a smooth operation, ensuring life for residents and tourists continued uninterrupted despite the scale and prominence of the project.

PCL's vast experience with Colorado mountain projects was instrumental in The Lion's development. Established relationships with local subcontractors provided a significant advantage in the team maintaining the project timeline. Regular collaborative meetings ensured that all parties were in sync, allowing subcontractors to plan and execute their work efficiently. The end result is a project that not only meets but enhances the majestic mountain setting of Vail. 

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