Targeting LEED® Gold certification, the two towers of True North Square are Winnipeg’s newest downtown landmarks and destinations for people to live, work and gather. The outdoor plaza and street market promise a hub of activity with the aim to revitalize downtown.

The project was committed to sustainability throughout the design and construction process. Each of the 194 residential suites, 14 floors of office space and the trendy Hargrave Street Market are outfitted with sustainable features that include recycling and waste management, water-saving plumbing, bike-to-work facilities and electric car charging stations. The green roof is designed to lower energy costs and create a dynamic, outdoor gathering space. The towers incorporate energy recovery ventilation systems and high-efficiency curtainwall systems which help the tower boast a 90% efficiency rating for energy recovery. 

The tight design and construction schedule did not allow for schedule extensions due to previously negotiated tenant commitments. We implemented management tools such as the Last Planner System® to proactively manage the schedule. Weekly pull planning sessions for major scopes of work allowed us to continually reinforce the importance and urgency to finish on schedule, while critical path schedule walks helped attain buy-in from trade contractors. 

Curves, twists and cantilevers added complexity and a need for innovative construction techniques to successfully construct these iconic towers. Our experienced virtual design and construction team managed the modeling process with the design team and developed a BIM model used to design, construct, provide layout for construction and effectively communicate with the client.

The BIM model allowed the project team to prefabricate mechanical piping off-site and reduce installation timelines significantly. Washrooms with recessed plumbing and fixture connection points were also prefabricated off-site, which allowed for pipe testing to be completed well ahead of installation. Testing found the water closet hangers were defective and had to be replaced, however identifying this before installation on-site saved significant time and costs.

True North Square now welcomes residents, employees and community members alike at this perfect example of efficiency, fun and function.

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