UCLA’s desire to generate almost 100,000 square feet of multi-purpose housing on a compact hillside resulted in a project efficiently using a half-acre space while prioritizing student comfort and architectural design. While the project is located within walking distance of the campus, it is also built in an area predominantly featuring non-university apartment housing which created additional challenges. The resulting build implemented a courtyard layout and an exterior style reminiscent of, though not replicating, notable Southern California architects Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler, and William S. Beckett. Glenrock ultimately provides 57,246 square feet of housing and 39,179 square feet of parking via 48 units that accommodate 171 beds and 66 below-grade parking spaces.

The courtyard layout is not only reminiscent of Southern California designs but allows for a level of activity and community among the sometimes boisterous students that still fits in the upscale Westwood neighborhood that it calls home. The new buildings are also certified as LEED Silver.

Construction was performed on a confined site that at times was also in the public right of way. The multi-grade site required demolition; hazardous materials abatement; extensive shoring; dewatering; mat and spread foundations; as well as the construction of a subterranean parking structure all at an incline.

Ultimately it was window glazing that would provide the most unique challenge as it was a service not included in PCL’s original scope. PCL brought this request to the design team’s attention while having the glazing subcontractor assist with finding an alternate product that would meet the design team’s needs and the owner’s budget. Addressing this issue upfront mitigated any potential schedule impacts and costly rework.

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