The Mo Ostin Basketball Center is a two-story, state-of-the-art basketball practice facility that accommodates both the men’s and women’s Division 1 basketball programs. The LEED Platinum® building includes practice gyms for both the men’s and women’ programs, weights and training areas, cardio and equipment storage areas, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a film room,  coaches’ conference rooms, a laundry room and staff offices. PCL delivered this project five months ahead of schedule.

Energy demand from this LEED Platinum® certified building is minimized throughout the day by the use of north-facing skylights to ensure high levels of glare-free, indirect daylight. Each basketball court has three north-facing skylights with ETFE panels that bring in ample, glare-free natural light. In addition, two natural ventilation intakes are installed in each court to pull fresh air through the courts.

The building was meticulously designed for optimal acoustics, a feature that would have earned the approval of Mo Ostin, a renowned record producer and UCLA alumnus. The design team spent three weeks studying acoustics in the building, incorporating exposed wooden beams in the ceiling to help limit disruptive echoes during team practices. Ostin’s influence is reflected throughout the building, from a state-of-the-art sound system, acoustics, and video board to the donor display in the lobby, which was modeled after a sheet of music.

When evaluating the aesthetic versus functional aspect of the weight room flooring, the project team encountered a pivotal decision-making moment; the originally selected 24” by 24” MONDO athletic rubber floor tiles, manufactured in Italy, presented a significant logistical challenge with lead times exceeding 12 weeks, which did not align with the project’s installation schedule. In a collaborative effort, PCL and UCLA stakeholders engaged in a rigorous analysis and strategic problem-solving to mitigate the impending delay. The team opted to utilize 6’ by 6’ MONDO floor tiles, which could be procured in accordance with the project schedule. 

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