Flowers blooming, birds singing and knowledge growing– these are just a few of the goals for the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum. The project consisted of 14 main structures throughout the campus, including nine teaching platforms in the demonstration farm, a barn renovation, a greenhouse and an operations and maintenance building.  

We worked closely with three architectural firms throughout the project to complete each component of the package. To accommodate for the Landscape Arboretum’s events, we ensured construction schedules didn’t interrupt any celebrations.   

A big undertaking for the Landscape Arboretum was the property’s historic Red Barn. The structure was over 100 years old and required a complete transformation to accommodate for future University of Minnesota events.  

The team kept the façade’s unique charm intact, but we updated the main assembly space and added a restroom and mechanical system.  

All structures utilized a similar glulam structure construction and standing seam metal roofs keeping a consistent and modern look across the property. All work was completed while visitors continued to visit this portion of the Arboretum and maintained safe access and perimeter control. Tremendous schedule management was taken to complete the work prior to major Arboretum scheduled events.

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