The Vancouver International Airport is the second busiest airport in Canada, welcoming nearly 100,000 travelers every day. We kept these commuters moving without interruptions during construction of a large addition to the international terminal building.

The Satellite Primary Inspection Line project is part of a $9.1 billion strategic plan to elevate the airport. This project will decrease connection times between international and domestic flights, enhance baggage systems and complete major terminal upgrades. These enhancements will benefit YVR’s goal of attracting airlines from around the world to add Vancouver to their list of destinations.

A construction project this large has the potential to disrupt the delicate flow of an airport, and YVR could not have passenger traffic interrupted. Also, a hitch during construction could affect the success of security screening, potentially putting airport passengers and staff at risk. We successfully prevented disruptions to passing jetsetters and kept all security screening lines operational for the duration of this project.

YVR recently initiated the innovative International to Domestic program. This pilot program improves passengers’ experiences through quickened flight processing. As YVR expands the program to include more countries and airline partners, they need upgraded facilities to process the increased volume of passengers transferring from domestic to international flights. The upgrades we complete with this project will make the success of the ITD program a reality. 

This project is complex and will add many different components to the international terminal, and we have recognized that the most efficient way to complete this project is in three distinct phases. We plan to construct modernized spaces for the enjoyment of passengers and airport employees.  We’ll upgrade the international terminal, including new airline counters, a processing area and a modernized reception lounge. A highlight of this project is the new passenger bridge over the international screening area, a space that see thousands of commuters passing through before heading to their destination. Each aspect of construction will boost the ITD program and maintain YVR’s strong reputation for ease and convenience while travelling.

We have maintained a positive and collaborative attitude throughout this project, always taking a solution-provider approach. This mindset has fostered a positive relationship with YVR, and we have completed multiple successful projects alongside them. 

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