Local Community Investment

A key component of the Southeastern Live Well Center project is to invest a minimum of $6 million in the local community through local subcontracting and workforce opportunities. By incorporating innovative and proactive strategies into a comprehensive inclusion program, the Project will become a vehicle to economic growth in the region with impacts beyond just this project.

The Team

Over the past 18 years, PCL + Steinberg Hart have collaborated to build iconic buildings and infrastructure such as the City of Coronado Civic and Community Center on Glorietta Bay and the Cesar Chavez Parking Structure in Barrio Logan. These projects enhanced their local communities by incorporating public art into the project design and celebrating their respective community identities and cultural diversity.


The SELWC will be located on the corner of Euclid Avenue and Market Street at the center of the community adjacent to the Malcom X Library, transit center and the Elementary Institute of Science. 

For more information regarding the services provided, refer to the County of San Diego's Southeastern Live Well Center website

Thank you for your participation! Stay tuned for updates.

PCL is excited to partner with Southeastern San Diego's local and diverse business community reflecting the Diamond District’s vibrancy. We are committed to providing the resources that subcontractors need to get prequalified and receive information on upcoming opportunities, qualification resources, and more. 

To connect with our team directly please reach out to our team  at SELWCOutreach@pcl.com.

To provide us with more information please fill out our Subcontractor Notice of Interest Form. 

PCL is committed to establishing a local workforce representative of the community’s diverse and rich culture. PCL will work closely with our subcontractors to activate existing local talent for the project.

We will educate local community members on pathways to careers in construction by hosting a Career in Construction Workshop, connect work-ready individuals to construction opportunities, and assist subcontractors in identifying local candidates.

A minimum of 5% of the workforce will be comprised of local workers residing in the 92102, 92113, 92114, and 92139 zip codes. For more information about local worker opportunities contact us at SELWCOutreach@pcl.com.

To be added to our event notification mailing list, please provide us with your contact information by filling out our Construction Worker Notice of Interest Form.

As a member of the San Diego community for more than 15 years, PCL has seen the impact that being a good neighbor has on economic development. We want to keep community members who are interested in learning more about the project and potential opportunities informed. If you are interested in being kept up to date on upcoming events, please fill out our Community Notification Network Form.


Local Community & Subcontractor Opportunity Awareness Event - March 30,  2021. (Completed) View an overview of the event.

Subcontractor Opportunity Awareness Event - Tuesdsay, July 27, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:00am. (Completed)

Subcontractor Opportunity Awareness Event - October 14, 2021 - 10:00am. View event information. Register for the event. 

Subcontractor Opportunity Awareness Event - Q4 2021


Careers in Construction Event - October 28, 2021. Please check back for more details.

Future Events - TBD

Current Bid Events 

Bid Group 1: Completed August 5, 2021

Bid Group 2:  Bids for this group are due October 20th at 2:00 pm PT. View more information.

Bid Group 3: Details for this group will be posted in November. Please check back for updates. 

View Prequalification Forms - Submit these anytime before the bid or get started now.  

Have a prequalification question? Please see engagement opportunities above or send an email to SELWCOutreach@pcl.com.

Have a bidding question? Please email your question to: ALe@pcl.com or PSiddhareddydina@pcl.com.

PCL is looking forward to building this project alongside of the Southeastern San Diego community! We appreciate hearing from prospective subcontractors, workers and the broader community.

Please visit our Opportunities & Commitments section above to submit the respective interest form.

For any additional inquiries, please send an email to SELWCOutreach@pcl.com.