We recognize that everyone’s journey through life is not the same. To construct buildings for diverse international communities and to thrive as a 100% employee-owned company, we need to include people of all backgrounds to ensure their perspectives and experiences are seen, heard and reflected through our work.

“We choose to include” conveys our view on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at PCL. A stronger workplace community — one built around equitable opportunities and intentional inclusivity — enables us to invite people from all backgrounds to participate and succeed.


Construction is a complicated business, and our success requires the skills and efforts of a diverse group of people and ideas, engaged in a wide variety of activities. Our 100-plus year tradition of construction excellence is attributable to the efforts of people from different cultures and backgrounds and with different beliefs. PCL values the additional perspectives, solutions and ideas that come from a diverse workforce. We recognize diversity, equity and inclusion allow us to better achieve company objectives and meet the needs of our clients. 

PCL established DE&I committees in every district office. Supported by senior leaders and executives, these committees create strategic plans that align with business objectives and collaborate with other working groups across the company to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. PCL has 180 team members on DE&I committees across the organization. In Canada, our 10 committees have about 110 members. Each PCL office has their own dedicated committee that aims to accomplish the following in their region:

  • Raise awareness and provide education and training
  • Create opportunities for learning and employee participation
  • Support national campaigns and events
  • Share tools and resources
  • Support corporate diversity, equity and inclusion goals and strategies
  • Shine a spotlight on important events and issues
  • Be champions and advocates for all PCLers

Members of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council meet to review PCL’s DE&I philosophies and strategic priorities and create action plans. Based on those action plans, we’ve made progress on numerous diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives:

  • We created a robust calendar to recognize and celebrate important cultural observances in Canada, the United States and Australia
  • We strategically partner with organizations supporting hiring and retaining Black college and university students.
  • We developed new training that focuses on supporting inclusion in the workplace, building on the unconscious bias training we offered to all employees.
  • We created best practices to remove potential bias from our recruitment process.