Saskatoon Interchange Project

Two interchanges are being built in Saskatoon to reduce congestion and improve access to southeast parts of the city. One of the two interchanges is at McOrmond Drive and College Drive, and the other is at the intersection of Boychuk Drive and Highway 16.​


College Drive, is a four-lane, divided freeway in the city of Saskatoon. The project will allow for the future addition of two lanes, so that College Drive has the potential to be expanded to six lanes.

McOrmond Drive is currently a four-lane, divided roadway that provides two lanes in each direction where it runs north and south of College Drive. Construction will alter McOrmond Drive so that it has three northbound and two southbound through lanes, in addition to turning lanes. 


Highway 16 is a provincial highway that is part of the national highway system and under the operational jurisdiction of the City of Saskatoon. When the interchange is built, Boychuk Drive will pass over the highway, involving a loop in the southeast quadrant for eastbound to northbound traffic.

As with the McOrmond Interchange, the project at Boychuk Drive and Highway 16 is designed to allow Highway 16, currently four lanes, to be expanded to six. The roadway will be expanded by building lanes on the inside of Highway 16, in this case.

Multiuse pathways, bridge piers, sound walls, traffic signals, and sidewalk ramps are components of both infrastructure projects.​

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